Your data is safe with us!
It is equally important to be transparent about how we collect, use and share information about you. This policy is intended to help you understand:

What information do we collect about you?
How do we use the information we collect?
How do we share the information we collect?
How do we store and secure the information we collect?
How is your information accessed and controlled?
How do we transfer the information we collect internationally?
Other important privacy information
This Privacy Policy covers the information we collect about you when you use our products or services or interact with us in a different way, unless a different policy is shown. represents us and our project management platform.
This policy also describes your choices surrounding how we use information about you, including how you can object to certain uses of information about you and how you can access and update certain information about you. Starting to use our product means that you have accepted our privacy policy.
Unicdo and its affiliates offer many services to help you run your business, including a platform for hosting your own Unicdo database. As an obligation to run these services, we collect data about you and your business. These data are extremely critical not only to running our services, but also to the security of our services and all of our users.
This Privacy Policy explains what information is collected, why it is collected and how we use it.

Information We Collect;

Most of the personal data we collect consists of the information our users save on our system in order to use our services. Other data is provided by recording and collecting interactions with our services.
Account and Contact Data
When you register on our website to use or subscribe to our services or fill out one of our forms, you voluntarily share some information with us. This usually includes your name, company name, e-mail address and sometimes telephone number, postal address (when invoice or delivery is required), your business sector and your interest in, as well as your personal password.
We never save or store credit card information of our customers, and we always rely on and work with highly reliable third party PCI-DSS compliant payment processors ( for credit card transactions, including recurring payment transactions.

Browser Data
When you visit our website and access our online services, we detect and store your browser language and geographic location to customize your experience based on your country and preferred language. Our servers also passively record a summary of information sent by your browser for statistical, security, and legal purposes: such as your IP address, time and date of your visit, your browser version and platform, and the web page that redirected you to our website.

Customer Database
When you subscribe to the Unicdo service and create your own Unicdo database (for example, by launching it for Free), any information or content you submit or upload to your database is your own and it is your sole responsibility to control the information you share with us.
Similarly, you have an on-premises database Unicdo system, the data in it.
This data usually includes personal information, such as: your list of employees, your contacts and customers, your messages, pictures, videos, etc. We collect this information only on your behalf, for your use. You are in control of the information you will share with us in this regard.
Other sections of this Policy explain:
How do we process this data?
How long do we hold?
How can you access this data or request deletion of this data?
Which third party service providers are involved?

If you do not consent to Unicdo system access or give you the option to participate, your session will not be recorded and no data will be collected by you for this purpose. Account Data: When you subscribe to the Unicdo platform and create your project, the platform requires authorization to access your account on and then to your content.
In-App Purchase (IAP) Transaction Data:
If you use unicdo on unicdo Cloud or in your self-hosted distributions, some optional "In-App Purchase" services may be enabled by default. These usually include autocomplete features that help you enter client and supplier information quickly, as well as SMS, paper letters, etc. It may include integration with third party service providers to send and receive.
How we use this information
Account and Contact Data: 
We use your contact information to provide our services, respond to your requests, and for billing and account management purposes. We may also use this information for marketing and communication purposes if necessary (you can opt out of our marketing messages at any time). We also use this data in aggregated and anonymized form to analyze service trends.
If you are registered to attend an event posted on our website, we may transfer your name, email address, telephone number and company name to our local organizer and sponsors of the event for both direct marketing purposes and event facilitation.
If you have indicated that you are interested in using Unicdo or have requested other contact by the unicdo service provider, we may also transfer your name, e-mail address, telephone number and company name to one of our official partners in your country or region for this purpose. Their purpose is to contact you to provide support and services.

Browser Data:

This automatically saved data is analyzed anonymously to protect and improve our services.
These data will only be associated with your personal data when required by law or for security purposes.
Customer Database: 
We collect and process this data on your behalf solely to perform the services you subscribe to and on your behalf based on the instructions you expressly give when you register or configure your service and unicdo database.
Our Help Desk staff and engineers may have limited and reasonable access to this information to resolve any issues with our services or upon your express request for support reasons or as required by law, or in this case to ensure the security of our services.
Free Trial Session Registration:
The purpose of these records is to improve our products: they will only be seen and analyzed by our R&D Usability team, who will treat your data as strictly confidential information. By watching the recordings, they can see a concrete representation of a user's first steps in Odoo and improve the User Experience accordingly.
Your records are processed and stored by tools provided under strict confidentiality conditions. Account Data: during the configuration phase of your unicdo project, the platform uses your OAuth token to set up the project you will use for unicdo, including the webhooks required to allow unicdo and the distribution key. SH to detect every record you submit to your project pool. The OAuth token is not stored and is deleted as soon as you log off unicdo or after 2 days.
The content of your project pool will be stored for as long as your unicdo subscription is active to provide the service itself.
Our Help Desk staff and engineers may have limited and reasonable access to this information to resolve any issue with our services or upon your express request for support reasons or as required by law, or in this case to ensure the security of our services.
Accessing, Updating or Deleting Your Personal Information;
Account and Contact Data:
You always have the right to access and update the personal data you have shared with us. You can do this at any time by connecting to your personal account on or If you would like to permanently delete your account or personal information for a legitimate purpose, please contact our Help Desk to request. We take all actions to permanently delete your personal information, unless we are required to keep it for legal reasons (usually for administrative, billing and tax reporting reasons).

Customer Database:
You can manage all the data collected in your databases hosted in Unicdo at any time by using your administrative credentials, including changing or deleting the personal data stored therein.
You can transfer a complete backup of your database at any time through our control panel or manage your own backups / archives. You are responsible for the processing of this data in accordance with all privacy regulations.
You can also request the deletion of your entire database through the help desk at any time.

Free Trial Session Registration:
You can contact us at any time to request access or deregistration of your trial session (see contact details below). Please include your database name or URL (eg to allow us to retrieve your specific registration. Records are automatically destroyed after 2 months.