Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

iWorkBetter ERP

It is a very easy-to-use, web-based Business Management Platform designed for all management and ERP needs of businesses and institutions. 

iWorkBetter business management platform is a web-based, sustainable system suitable for the activities of companies. It contains the required ERP software applications as a whole. It consists of many modules such as CRM, project management, office management, time management, production management, accounting and finance management, which are compatible with the logic of the quality management system. It offers a wide range of solutions from pre-sales processes to invoicing.
ERP Faydaları
35% Average Increase in Your Project Delivery Speed
70% Productivity Increase in Your Company
82% Increase in Efficiency and Control in Business Follow-up
65%  Efficiency Increase in Internal Information Flow

Benefits of iWorkBetter

iWorkBetter ERP is native, web-based software that provides full digital transformation of your company. In this way, you do not have to pay high foreign product license fees!

With its user-friendly interface, it saves time in your work. BI reports, which you can access with a single click, speed up your decision-making process. Your data is always safe with iWorkBetter, which maximizes information sharing and cooperation between your employees.