1) Payment Method
Payments can be made by the user using one of the credit card or Paypal methods. The service fee is charged annually.
2) Validity Period
The prices listed on and announced on the site are the sales prices. The announced prices and promises are valid until they are updated and changed. The prices announced on a regular basis are valid until the end of the specified period. However, the current price that Unicdo will notify the customer will be deemed valid for price differences that are incorrectly written or not updated. In case of error, if more withdrawals are made than the cost of goods / services, the difference is refunded. If the actual price of the service is different from the advertised price, the Buyer will be notified of the actual price. In line with the customer's request, the sale is made at the real price or the sale is canceled.
Unicdo online platform service is available to users after obtaining bank approval. In case of a mishap caused by us, you will be notified based on your membership information. Therefore, it is important to enter your membership information completely and correctly. You will be notified by a confirmation e-mail that our service is available.
Payments will be made annually according to the user's preference. In cancellations of annual memberships, usage is calculated according to months, the payment for the current month is not refunded. Unicdo determines the cost of unused months of the year and extra services and is returned to the user.