About Us

About Unicdo

Promis Process firm was established in 1994.
In 2004, it started to develop a Business Management Platform software to manage the work follow-up processes of its own companies.
With the acceleration of R&D activities, ProMIS started to develop the iWorkBetter Company Management Platform in 2007.
Promis BMP launched iWorkBetter ERP software in 2014, which filled an important gap in the field of integrated business management software with its constantly evolving structure and features.
Promis Prosess has carried out 100+ R&D projects so far.
Our software team developed the Unicdo Task Management Platform as SaaS (Software as a Service) in a world where remote business management became necessary, in March 2020.
Unicdo, has been developed with an agile philosophy based on the our business management software knowledge we have gained from iWorkBetter ERP as a result of our experience and Unicdo has been launched as a flexible product.
Our vision
By making task management processes as effective and secure as possible, to create offices that work unlimitedly without being dependent on time and space by demolishing communication silos in harmony.
Our Mission
Opening the Unicdo task management platform to global markets and being a part of digital transformation.